Applied Research Council (ARC) was founded in the year 2004 (formerly YRIF) to provide a medium for exchange of knowlegde. We promote students to demonstrate their indigenous technical skills, there by see them become scientists and technologists. We provide a platform for everyone to showcase their technical and research skills.


YRIF (Young Researches' Induction Foundation) was founded by Sudarsun Santhiappan and Arun Srinivasan in 2004. The foundation was actively supporting students from engineering colleges for their projects and publications. Over 10 projects and one research publication were successfully completed. YRIF was redesigned as Applied Research Council (ARC) in 2006.


ARC provides an unified platform for students to showcase their talents and skills. Services like technical training, research projects, college projects, research publications, classnotes are actively supported by ARC Educational Services. ARC maintains a support interface namely AskTheExpert™ where queries pertaining to course work, research and projects from students are answered by our panel of domain experts in less than 48 hours. Please click on Services to know more about the various services offered by ARC.

Indian Indigenous Solutions

We have documented some of the indigenous solutions our fellow Indians have invented for our day-to-day problems. We, Indians are experts in giving quick solutions which suffice the need and purpose. We, Indians value solutions based on its immediate applicability and durability rather than the perfection and quality. Most of the problems we face, from a leaky water tap to a faulty computer, match the above assumption. The solutions, our fellow Indians provide don't necessary have marketability, but possess a very high usability. Please click here to know more about them.


ARC Funding Service™ assists students for their financial needs towards paying term fees, library fees, examination fees, book fees, etc. ARC Funding Service™ funds students' projects done at college and school grades. ARC funds student projects done only as a part of the curriculum. ARC funds only for the resource requirements of the project excluding man-power involved. Project proposals are invited round the year. ARC lends books with a minimum refundable deposit to students for their semester study. Books thus acquired may be returned after the semester exams are completed. ARC provides free councelling service to students during the various phases of school and technical education. To avail these service, please write a detailed requisition email to briefing the need and scope.


Please feel free to write a line if you need any further information. Let us know your feedbacks on the contents provided in this websiste which would be helpful in improving the quality of our service.


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