Applied Research Council (ARC) was founded in the year 2004 (formerly YRIF) to provide a medium for exchange of knowlegde. We promote students to demonstrate their indigenous technical skills, there by see them become scientists and technologists. We provide a platform for everyone to showcase their technical and research skills.

Educational Funding

ARC Funding Service™ assists students for their financial needs towards paying term fees, library fees, examination fees, book fees, etc. Funding is limited subject to the ARC assessment procedure. Funding is open to school and college going needy students from government aided institutes only. The funding is done solely by the founder. ARC assumes full rights to initiate or stop funding at any time subject to the funding agreements. To avail this service, please write a detailed requisition email to briefing the need and scope.

Project Funding

ARC Funding Service™ funds students' projects done at college and school grades. ARC funds student projects done only as a part of the curriculum. Projects that have commercial and research value are shown preference during the selection process. ARC takes ownership of the projects thus funded. ARC funds only for the resource requirements of the project excluding man-power involved. Project proposals are invited round the year. The upper limit for a project team is 4 students with a staff-supervisor.

ARC Library Service™

ARC lends books with a minimum refundable deposit to students for their semester study. Books thus acquired may be returned after the semester exams are completed. Students can also lend books for their project work and research studies. ARC helps in getting hard-copies of published research papers which could used and returned after use. ARC has a big collection of books for use. To avail ARC Library Service™, please write to

Student Counselling

ARC Funding Service™ provides free counselling service to students during the various phases of school and technical education. ARC facilitates firm decision making for choice of educational discipline for final-higher-secondary students and students who want to pursue higher education. ARC helps students to conduct their project work in the fields of technology, engineering and research. Please write your issues to, for which you can expect a positive response in less than 48 hours. You may also post your query through out support interface at AskTheExpert™.