Applied Research Council (ARC) was founded in the year 2004 (formerly YRIF) to provide a medium for exchange of knowlegde. We promote students to demonstrate their indigenous technical skills, there by see them become scientists and technologists. We provide a platform for everyone to showcase their technical and research skills.

Distributed and Parallel Computing

We discussed about the parallel programming paradigm and compared it against simultaneous execution. We gradually moved ahead with Paralled Machines, Pipelined processing, Vector processing, Cluster computational systems, distributed computing, grid computing and finally ended with Cloud computing. The discussion happened for about 3 hours and over 130 slides were used, but none yawned during the forum :) This program is conducted as a part of a Workshop on Parallel and Distribute Computing conducted by SSN Engineering College during March 2009.

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What it takes to become a Best IT Trainer?

We discussed about the prevailing scenario amongst self-financing colleges of Tamilnadu during 2007-2008. The various problems an IT trainer faces in day-to-day profession are discussed in detail. A pool of solutions and alterations to the style of training were also proposed. The talk stressed about the importance of making the students more technically competitive, more employable, more valuable, more professional. The talk also highlighted about the value addition the trainer, student and the department. The talk was offered as a part of staff-development programme conducted by SKP Engineering College (Jan 2008).

Applied Data Mining

A set of five invited talks are planned for the freshmen of M.Sc IT of WCC on Applied Data Mining course during October-November 2007. The course would cover five different practical problems and solutions for the same through data mining techniques. The first lecture on 29th Oct 2007 covered about the importance of co-occurance in data in practical situation as in textile showroom, cosmetics, supermarkets, etc. The lecture also covered topics on Associative Rule Mining and Apriori algorithms.

Object Oriented Design

Object oriented design is part of OO methodology and it forces programmers to think in terms of objects, rather than procedures, when they plan their code. An object contains encapsulated data and procedures grouped together to represent an entity. The 'object interface', how the object can be interacted, is also defined. An object oriented program is described by the interaction of these objects. Object Oriented Design is the discipline of defining the objects and their interactions to solve a business problem that was identified and documented during object oriented analysis.


Ontology was introduced to the students of IT and CSE of SKP Engineering during March 2007. The lecture covered fundamentals of Ontology, pointers in building in an Ontology, introduction to RDP and OWL, reasoning with first order predicate logic, description logics. Examples on ontologies were discussed during the lectures in the context of silk sarees, bikes and computer components. Example of Frog + Mongoose + Bamboo trees => Snakes was much appreciated by the students in the context of FOL reasoning.

Introduction to Statistical NLP

Statistical NLP was introduced to the pre-final year CSE students of Sathyabama University during October 2006. The lecture convered topics on natural language understand, layers of language processing, introduction to Latent Semantic Analysis. LSA was further discerned into SVD, Frequency matrix generation, pre-weighting, query projection and scoring. Applications of LSA like plagairism detection, document similarity measurement, ontology building were discussed at large.


IT Services and Marketing was offered as series of guest lectures to the MSc IT (odd semester - 2006) freshmen of WCC. The course covered different aspects of Service Marketing with inclination towards IT industries. The course was taught interactively with more weightage on field work and group activities. A part of the lecture presentation slides are available online.

Practical Network Security

The invited talk on Practical Network Security (offered during August 2006) covered topics of security vulnerability in computer networks. The lecture covered topics on services offered by a secured system and how to implement them in real time. Discussion about types of intruders and ways to address intruders were executed. A detailed survey of firewalls, their types and applications are discussed along with setup of VPNS. Finally, the lecture covered the application of AI in IDS and smart firewalls.

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Open Source

The lecture introduced Open Source Software to students of final year engineering. The lecture compared open source software model against proprietary software model. It also discussed about the advantages and drawbacks. The lecture introduced about reasons for software companies adopting OSS. Finally, some Open Source softwares are introduced to the students.