Applied Research Council (ARC) was founded in the year 2004 (formerly YRIF) to provide a medium for exchange of knowlegde. We promote students to demonstrate their indigenous technical skills, there by see them become scientists and technologists. We provide a platform for everyone to showcase their technical and research skills.


ARC provides support and assistance for students doing their project work. ARC also initiates and mentors Open Source Software projects under GNU Public License. Project ideas from Academia are greatly encouraged and promoted by ARC.


ARC strives hard in promoting the research potential of students. ARC provides a free showcase for publishing original work of students from schools and colleges. ARC also help students to publish their research in journals, conferences and seminars. ARC supports joint research where ARC fellows join hands with students to come up original research work which can be published. ARC also assists students who want to patent their original ideas.

Invited Talks

ARC publishes all the guest-lectures and presentations performed by our fellows so as to keep the knowledge accessible and searchable to everyone. ARC maintains each presentation on seperate web page, which are then grouped based on the subject.


ARC provides LIMITED funding for students who cannot afford fully to get education. ARC provides LIMITED financial assistance for paying Term fees, buying books, examination fees etc. ARC also provides free councelling service to students. Please write your requests to to avail the ARC Service™


AskTheExpert™ is a free service provided by ARC to everybody where questions pertaining to any field of their education are answered by the experts of ARC. Queries thus raised are created as support tickets which become trackable at any time by its unique ticket number. You can expect an answer to the question in less than 48 hours.


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